Learn Pet First Aid

Hands-on Skills
Students will practice skills on live animals and mannequins.

Disaster Preparedness
The class will offer material to prepare students for a lost pet or a disaster.

Private Classes Available
Please feel free to contact us to schedule a class for your group at your location.

Pet First Aid Card
Students will get a card from The American Safety & Health Institute for completing the class.

ASPCA Seal of approval
The ASHI Pet First Aid program has the ASPCA seal of approval.

About Us

Pet First Aid classes are taught by Tim Perciful, with assistance from his wife; Stephanie. They are regularly joined by their two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs; Bindi & Bear, and occasionally by Voodoo, one of their 3 cats.

Tim Perciful
Tim is the lead instructor for Learn Pet First Aid. He has a wealth of experience as an educator, public speaker, emergency responder, and working with animals.

Tim currently teaches fire safety & life safety skills for a fire department in King County, WA. He is a certified instructor for numerous organizations including American Health & Safety Institute (ASHI), American Heart Association (AHA), Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI), and Safe Sitter. He teaches a variety of classes through these organizations, which include CPR, first aid, pet first aid, and babysitting.

In addition, Tim is also a technical large animal rescue instructor and is helping coordinate the first Technical Large Animal Rescue (TLAR) team through a fire department in Washington State.

Disaster preparedness is a top priority with Tim. He is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor, a disaster preparedness instructor, and an amateur radio operator. He also has an American Red Cross Shelter Operations Certification, is certified in American Humane’s Basic Animal Emergency Services, Humane Society Of The United States (HSUS) Disaster Animal Response Team, and HSUS Emergency Animal Sheltering.

Aside from education duties, Tim serves as the public information officer (PIO) for the fire department and the Washington Department Of Natural Resources. He keeps the media and public informed about safety issues, emergency scenes, and other events.

Adding to this list, Tim is an emergency medical technician (EMT), a wildland firefighter, and was a structural firefighter until recently. He has responded to various aid calls, structure fires, brush and wild fires, and river rescues. This experience gives him first hand knowledge of emergency scenes.

Tim volunteers his time as a board member of the Washington State Poison Center, a volunteer with the Washington State Department of Agriculture Reserve Veterinarian Corps as an instructor and disaster responder, and volunteers with American Humane association as a disaster responder.

For enjoyment, Tim enjoys helping people train their dogs to pull carts and wagons. He is the moderator of Seattle Draft Dogs, and actively participates in parades and events with Bindi & Bear. Tim was a pet sitter for four years in Dallas, TX and grew up on a farm with livestock, and various pets including dogs and cats.

Stephanie Perciful
Stephanie helps with the class when she is available. She has a love for animals, and has worked in shelters, as a pet sitter, trainer, and supports various animal organizations.

Stephanie volunteered in a no-kill animal shelter in Dallas, TX for several years where she cared for various animals and helped them get the love that they needed. She also assisted in adoptions, visited nursing homes with shelter animals, and participated in a variety of events to raise adoption awareness.

In addition to volunteer work, Steph operated an in-home pet sitting business for about 10 years before re-locating to Seattle. She had numerous clients she called family that she visited on a regular basis. This gave her first hand experience with various pet emergencies and has numerous pet sitting war stories.

Stephanie participates in drafting activities with Tim and their dogs such as practices, parades, and events.

She also supports various animal organizations including ASPCA, PAWS, Turpentine Creek, HSUS, and IDA Africa, just to name a few!

Bindi, Bear, & Voodoo
Bindi, Bear, and Voodoo will be participating in Learn Pet First Aid when possible. They will attend classes so people can learn new skills on a live animal.

Bindi and Bear are littermates, and are Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. They are 7 years old and live with three cats; Rabbit, Karma, and Voodoo. Bear would like you to think that he rules the house but Rabbit is the matriarch of this family. The dogs pull carts and wagons in parades and other events. They even give sleigh rides to children at Christmas time. The dogs love to go on hikes, eat cat food when Tim and Stephanie are not around, and have a very close bond.

Voodoo is a mostly black cat that was rescued from MEOW on Mercer Island. He and his sister, Karma, were Bindi’s birthday present when she turned three years old. Voodoo loves everybody and loves to get into everything. He is an outgoing cat that is constantly getting into trouble due to his curious personality.

Rabbit and Karma send their regards to everyone, but in no way wish to leave the comforts of home to participate in a class!

Please visit the Calendar page for upcoming classes, the Sign Up page to register for a class, or contact us at info@learnpetfirstaid.com for more information.
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